Windows Pro

Case overview

The company SIA Windows Pro is engaged in installing and selling windows, and doors made of PVC, aluminum, and wood.

Our Approach

The site as a point of contact with the audience had to solve several problems:

  1. Convey the atmosphere that WIndows Pro helps to create.
  2. Show work with space. Tell what methods are used in the work. The emphasis is on professionalism and advantages.
  3. Inspire trust.
  4. Introduce the team.
  5. Give comprehensive information about the services, so that after studying the pages there are no questions left and you want to leave a request. The emphasis is on usability.

The Results

We made the overall design in the style that the company uses in real work: minimalistic design, and light colors.

Special attention was paid to typography which makes the site more modern. Thanks to this, all text blocks are easily perceived.