Case overview

Gameium is an ever-growing gaming news website with all the latest gaming and tech news. The audience is more than 20 thousand readers worldwide.

The Brief

Move from Blogspot to own site. Make articles easy to navigate. Manage Social Media accounts and do some copywriting.

Our Approach

There is a fresh selection on the main page of the blog. For it, you need to come up with a mechanism that will show the user new interesting articles every day. Usually, such a selection is made on the basis of the user’s history of articles. But the problem was that we don’t have reader accounts. Therefore, we decided to use the browser’s internal storage, where you can save information about the user. In order for the articles at the top to be regularly updated, we came up with a unique mechanism. The essence is simple: we take a sample of 100 popular articles, and they “spin in the drum”, changing every day. When the user sees all the articles from the collection, we start the “drum” on a new one.

The Results

As a result of developing our own magazine and moving form Blogspot, we managed to help with the technical implementation of the following results:

Moved articles from Blogspot to the new site
Created convenient navigation for searching and reading articles. They used to dissolve in Blogspot.
We installed AdSense.
Increased the flow of branded queries.


Decrease in bounce rate


Increase in average session duration


Increase in page views